Archives 2023
# Date Title Speaker
1 August 3rd AM Ye Shall Be My Witnesses. Bro. John Conteh
2 August 3rd PM Service of testimonies: "How The Light Got Lit" Various
3 August 4th AM Endtime Transformations Bro. Kenny Capps
4 August 4th AM Youth oriented Praise And Worship Various
5 August 4th PM What Kind of Witness Are You? Bro. Isaac Ovid
6 August 5th AM The Holy Spirit: God's Witness of Grace Bro. Bill Lingar
7 August 5th AM Remembering the Life and Words of Bro. Siegmar Kohlenbrenner -
8 August 5th PM God's Power House Bro. Raymond Thompson
9 August 6th AM Witnesses Of The Resurrection Power Of Jesus Christ Bro. Ben Achut